Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I compete as part of a team?

Yes. You can register as part of a two or three member team.  One team member needs to complete the whole bike ride.  For two member teams the second member completes both run segments.  For three member teams the second member does one run and the third member the other run.

If you wish to compete as part of a team but don't know anyone to join your team email us and we will try to find someone.


  • What is the minimum age to compete?

The minimum age for each of the race distances are as follows:

Enduro Course: 17
Long Course: 14
Short Course: 13

Ages are taken as of 31 December the year prior to the race.


  • Why do I need to pay for a TA One Day Membership when registering?

The duathlon is sanctioned by Triathlon Australia (TA).  A requirement for competing at a TA sanctioned race is that each competitor is a member.  If you are an annual member of TA you do not need to purchase a one day membership.  In this case you will be asked for your TA membership number when registering.  For non members a One Day Membership (ODM) must be purchased when registering.  

For teams a single ODM is required for the team unless all team members are TA members. 


  • How hard is the course and what distance should I sign up for?

The race distances are shown under the 'Race Info', 'Course Details' menu tab.  The 2km run is on single trail through a pine forest and is undulating but not too sleep.  The 5km and 5.6km run courses do have some hilly sections in them.  The bike course is mostly on single trail through a combination of pine and eucalyptus forests.  While there are some more challenging sections the course is suitable for a mountain biker with limited experience.

We recommend that the Enduro Course is only undertaken by experienced mountain bikers and competent runners.


  • Will I be able to ride the course prior to race day?

We arrange a course familiarisation ride prior to the event.  Details will be published in the Latest News section on the home page.  An email will also be sent out to registered participants with details.  There is no charge for attending this and we break up into separate groups based on riding ability.  Note that as this ride is not a sanctioned event there is no insurance cover and people ride at their own risk. 


  • What if I don't own a mountain bike?

We offer bike hire for $25 through one of our sponsors (Bike About).  When registering select the option to hire a mountain bike.  You will be asked to provide your height in centimetres so that the right size bike is provided.  For those pre-ordering a mountain bikes it will be at the race venue on race day along with a bike helmet. 


  • Is there any race merchandise?

We have a limited number of race T-Shirts available to purchase during online registration.  Any shirts left over will be available on race day.  They cost $25 and are available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.


  • What drinks and nutrition will be provided during the race?

Water will be provided on the run course.  No food or liquids are provided on the bike course and competitors are expected to bring and carry their own.  For the bike leg of the Long and Enduro courses, which have multiple laps, a table will be set up for competitors to place any personal food and drinks that they may want and can grab at the end of each lap.  Note that drinks and food are not to be passed to competitors by spectators.  Under triathlon race competition rules this is considered 'outside assistance'.  

Tea, coffee and a selection of home cooked food will be available free of charge throughout the day for competitors and spectators.  Sausages will be available after the race.


  • Can I compete with my mobile phone, iPod or other music device?

No.  Under Triathlon Australia competition rules mobile phones, iPods and other music devices cannot be used while racing.  They are considered a safety issue as they limit your ability to be aware of what is happening around you.


  • Where can I find more information?

The 'Info Guide' under the 'Race info' menu option contains further details about the event.

If you still have further questions please email us via the 'Contact Us' menu option.